Barbara Coulam - 51c

Location: Holymoorside / Genre: Glass

Artist Statement

I enjoy making items from recycled glass, being inspired by the wide range of colours and the versatile nature of this recyclable material. Turning something destined for a skip into a useful and attractive object is very satisfying. I learnt my craft whilst studying for Decorative Arts at Nottingham Trent University where I gained a first class Hounours degree, specialising in glass.  I realised the potential of the vast amounts of  discarded glass being thrown away every day.  I like my products to be useful, such as bowls, plates, cakestands, lights, and decorative, i.e. plaques, jewellery and cards.  Techniques used are; fusing, slumping, enamelling, casting, engraving and etching.  I either make the moulds or find them at car boot sales or charity shops.  Clear glass used is from old windows (old double glazed units are the best!), and the coloured glass is obtained from empty bottles; Cobalt blue from sherry and Ty Nant water bottles, emerald green from gin, lager and wine bottles, brown from beer bottles and turquoise from Bombay Sapphire Gin bottles, for example. The designs are from studies of natural forms ( I make watercolour studies to work from) or from observing architectural patterns; on tiles or decorative moulding.

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