Hayfield Artists at Throstle Farm - 7a

Location: Little Hayfield / Genre: Painting, Illustration, Ceramics, Jewellery

Artist Statement

PAT EVANS     Painter.
Having taught art for many years, I now have the opportunity to focus more on my own work, - drawing and painting.
I am inspired by the ever changing colours, tones and moods of the landscape, very often through the dramatic effects of weather conditions.
I work mainly in watercolour, pastel, acrylics and mixed- media,  conveying the varying light , textures and rhythms of the surrounding moor land, and other landscapes and natural form.
[email protected]   www.hayfieldartists.co.uk   
01663 742255          07796 397343

LYNDON EVANS    Illustrator, Artist.
We have lived at Throstle Farm in Little Hayfield for the past 30 years, I used my studio to 
create illustration and design concepts for Film, TV and Animation.
I have always used a sketch book as a recording and development tool for my work. I continue to do this now to create pictures just for me, 
I try to retain this spontaneous freshness when I do more finished pieces, working mainly in pencil, charcoal, pen, with watercolour or inks. 
I am very sensitive to animation and movement in landscape focusing on the layers of light and shade created by the elements and features of Derbyshire.
[email protected]    www.hayfieldartists.co.uk
01663 742255            07840 765812

MARIA TARNOWSKA -    Ceramic Designer.
My ceramic designs are handcrafted in my Hayfield studio and feature wildlife such as dragonflies, bees, butterflies, lizards and sea life. I use hand building and sculpting techniques to create a range of designs including large bowls, planters, vases, candelabra, lidded boxes  and sculptural pieces. Each design is hand painted with stoneware glazes and lustres are used to create jewel like effects.
My inspiration comes from my love of wildlife and the textures and patterns found in nature. Each piece is unique and makes a truly individual gift.
Commissions accepted
07717 660790  [email protected]  www.hayfieldartists.co.uk


STEPHEN GRIEVE   Jeweller/Goldsmith - original hand crafted jewellery.
I work with gold, silver and semi precious stones to create handcrafted jewellery that is eye catching and original. My passion and inspiration comes from natural textures and patterns and is reflected in the techniques used..
Buying handmade jewellery offers individual design and the opportunity to wear jewellery that is original and unique. 
I recycle silver and gold melting them down to create these truly exciting designs.
Stephen Grieve Designer and Maker
07817 257322
artisanjewellery.net    www.artisanjewellery.co.uk

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