Potteryand_pine_studio - 14

Location: Birch Vale, High Peak / Genre: Multi-Disciplinary

Artist Statement

Potteryandpine_studio is a new workspace in Birch Vale, recently taken on by all you need is LoL and Scruffy Dog Creations (aka Ruth Taylor). This little place has been known as Pottery and Pine for a number of years from its previous creator, so although neither of us are potters nor pine-ers we didn’t feel like we could change the name.

Natasha Lolljee is a magpie although the dodo is more her style, her works encompasses varied practises. Pottery and Pine­_studio is her 3rd space, wrapped in a cocoon of nature you’ll find her exploring mediums and creative mulling’s. Comfort lies in lino printing and painting but she’s a sucker for an installation. Her work manifests in many forms; crafts, photography, sculpture and art, inspired from the vale to the sea.

Scruffy Dog Creations is the brainchild of Ruth Taylor - a crafter of many things yarn based. Starting out as a knitter she developed her skills to include crochet, and felting. From wearables to household items and on to yarn art - if it’s woolly she has probably had a go. Inspired by life in the outdoors and the natural world around her.

Our tiny studio is providing space to work away from the chaos of everyday life, small people and more storage for yarn products!



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