Propagate - The Loft, an exhibition by AspieDystra and Carly Grice - 13

Location: Hayfield / Genre: Sculpture, Painting Illustration Sketching

Artist Statement


The Loft, Valley Road, Hayfield, SK22 2LP

In a specially curated exhibition for the Derbyshire Open Arts weekend, artists AspieDystra and Carly Grice are exhibiting a collection of work inspired by nature. The work will be set against a verdant backdrop in a dramatic botanical takeover of The Loft.

As spring turns to summer, this collaboration brings together plant-based art, abstract sculptures and plants in a celebration of our relationship with nature.



Plant-based art by Andrea Joseph one half of the double act AspieDystra, set within a forest of interior plants. James Horton, the other half of AspieDystra will be exhibiting in his Hayfield studio, also part of the trail.


Carly Grice

Modern, abstract stone sculptures influenced by forms found in nature and a career in architecture. Using mallet and chisel she gradually chips away at the stone, the method of carving and the peculiarities of the stone influencing the final form.


The Loft

A sensitively restored former storage building in Hayfield in the High Peak. Refurbished to create a sculpture workshop and meeting space, The Loft provides a calm, considered interior for creative endeavours.

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