Lin Cheung - 17g

Location: New Mills, High Peak / Genre: Fine Art

Artist Statement

Lin is exhibiting with Peak 8,  a group of eight individual artists from Providence Church in New Mills. 

In her art practice Lin Cheung draws on her experience as psychotherapist.  She is interested in the unique individuality of experience.  Her work is about imagination, perception and the different meanings taken from her work.  Her inspiration is the archaeology of place and experience, the forms of landscape and architecture. She is interested in stimulating imagination in her viewer through curiosity and evoking a sense of connection to history, place and people through oblique references of form alongside layering and texture in her painting.  

Lin regularly runs a series of open workshops for artists on abstract painting. Her courses are at both introductory and more advanced levels. She also coaches artists who are interested in developing their creativity and mindset.  Particulalry in helping artists recognise limiting beliefs and self talk.  Her focus is to help to them develop more effective ways of working and a supportive mindset. Lin draws on 30 years of being in business, running art workshops and coaching artists.


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