Mary Elizabeth - 41a

Location: Hathersage, Hope Valley / Genre: Painting, Photography, Digital Art

Artist Statement

After a career in education supporting the creative arts, I now practice art amidst the beautiful landscapes in The Hope Valley. I work with a range of media: watercolour, oil,  and mixed media digital photography. 

I am particularly interested  in the use of colour on our perception of objects and landscapes and how this may impact our view of the world.

 Over the past few years  I have explored fusing painting with digital imagery exploring matt and gloss acrylic and aluminium surfaces to enhance my images..

Venue Information

Green Well Studio, Green Well,
Jaggers Lane
Hathersage, Hope Valley

Jaggers Lane leads uphill from the bottom of Hathersage High Street. Drive past Coggers Lane. The studio is 200 yards further on the right. Jaggers is narrow, so you may need to park further along on the left.

Disabled access is partial

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