Glass, Wood and Wool - 5

Location: Glossop / Genre: Glass, Wood, Wool, Painting

Artist Statement

Three professional local artists in distinctive media: Glass, Wood and Wool.


Working individually in the three media, and especially for Derbyshire Open Arts, in collaboration, exploring the colour and textural differences of glass, wood and wool.


Colin Mail uses mainly native hardwoods, including those rescued from skips, to turn bowls, dishes and other useful and decorative homewares. He polishes them with wax or oil to a smooth glistening finish.


Linda Moss uses the wool of her own sheep, hand-dyed and hand-spun, to create unique accessories and casual jewellery: handwoven, felted and knitted. She also explores the upland moors and rocks of the Peak District. In loose, expressive mixed media paintings.


Kay Stowell has been working with glass for over ten years. She takes the local landscape and animals as the inspiration for her fused glass projects, which try to showcase the beauty of glass.


All three artists display their work together in Kay’s a quirky architect-designed house in a spectacular fellside setting overlooking Glossop Town. There’ll be a huge variety of artwork on display, from unique cards to bags, hats and scarves, through a vast range of home décor and accessories in fused glass, turned wood, and textiles; handmade yarns, original prints and mixed media paintings.


Kay will offer a workshop in making a glass angel at 1pm each day (no need to book), and Linda will provide spinning and weaving demonstrations. Colin will be making sticks during the event. Home-made cakes and tea will be available in Kay’s kitchen.


Colin says:

“The wood I use is largely from native hardwoods. I occasionally turn exotic wood such as mahogany and olive, some of which I have inherited from retired woodturners. Ash, elm, oak and yew are mainstays intermingled with oddities like lilac.

The turned product is usually round but I sometimes combine turning with sculpting to produce a more natural form. In my stickmaking carving has always played a part in the shaping of handles to attach to the actual stick. I am beginning to develop more sophisticated carving techniques to produce natural and mythical forms as well as abstract shapes and designs.”


Linda says:

“I use the wool of our own sheep, handspun and hand-dyed, to make unique and original artefacts through felting, weaving and knitting. In my painting, I try to capture the mood, ruggedness and varied colours of our local Peak District, with the texture of rock, moorland and individual plants. “


Kay says:

“My joyful discovery of glass as an artistic medium is reflected in all my work, taking the natural world landscapes and objects as the subjects for my projects.

I am inspired by the interaction of light with glass, how the union of the two can transform, illuminate and reflect. I have continued developing two themes, firstly the inspiring landscape of the Peak District where I live and secondly trying to capture seaside landscapes and traditional British family holiday fun images which will showcase the beauty of glass whilst hopefully making the admirer smile.”

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