Jo Hassan - 62c

Location: Whatstandwell, Matlock / Genre: Leather, Mixed Media

Artist Statement

I combine veg-tanned leather, burnished copper, vintage textiles and salvaged finds to create unique mixed-media pictures, jewellery and gifts. My intricate "Tanglefrost" creations are rooted in our shared crafting heritage and traditional needlework skills, whispering tales of wholeness and that all are precious and loved. 

Feeding my hungry, creative imagination has been a life-long passion. It found me, from an early age, devouring books, trawling museums and galleries, and scrambling through the undergrowth, muddy-kneed and tousle-haired, in the hope of discovering fairyland!  

Ten years ago I attended a leather-sculpting class, with a Venetian mask-maker, and my imagination was entranced. After lots of experimentation, I began crafting curling leaves and tangled blossom which I subsequently discovered is an ancient skill!! 

I now work with different weights of leather, all veg-tanned, environmentally-friendly and carefully sourced. It's a magical medium to work with and I adore combining it with other materials. In many ways, my creations illustrate how even the most unexpected combinations can yield surprising beauty!

My current designs explore utilising embroidery and needlecraft skills with fine leather, silk and copper. The results have a raw, earthy and organic quality which I hope reflect a change in focus: to one that is more respectful to the preservation of our planet and that remembers the wisdom of our ancient heritage too. 

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