Mandy-Jayne Ahlfors

Location: Heage, Derbyshire / Genre: Portraits, Symbolism, Landscapes

Artist Statement

Art by Mandy UK Mandy’s artworks are a representation of the world she see's around her. Her work can be influenced by Pop art, musical arts, symbolism & things in life that she finds intriguing to her. Mandy combines the use of symbolism such as beautiful dripping florals, her portraits have huge eyes and lips with drippy paint lavish golds and glitters that make her subjects shine. Her emotions, her dreams & thoughts all brought together in symbolist paintings to create her bold statement artworks. Mandy has a process of research the beginning of most her piece’s that usually develop from her thoughts. EG: Starman Touched My Soul. Each piece will become a drawing, a sketch, a digital artwork, and mostly a painting. It is a process she developed her own self teaching throughout her life. Her portrait paintings she incorporates the drippy paint style with metallic glittering elements & her love of beautiful colours. Her landscapes are so ethereal with a tendency to depict a beautiful Impressionist Monetesque style of her own. Mandy’s artworks are statement pieces that are a reflection of who she is herself & what she see's or feels & experiences of life around her. All Art by Mandy UK art works are originals and Limited Edition Fine Art Prints and Screen prints. Art by Mandy UK Fashion Accessories and Home Decor by ShopVida Mandy also works on a range of varied commissioned pieces including Interior Mural paintings and Realistic Pet commissions. For information and prices contact [email protected] Page 2 of 3 Awards Juried Artist winner Sprung 5 exhibition,The Big Screen Plaza,, New York City U.S.A, April 2021 Public and International Art Exhibitions Sprung 5 Exhibition, The Big Screen Plaza,, New York The Hero Art Project April 2020,The Big Screen Plaza, Arthouse.NYC, New York The Hero Art Project, 2nd Edition,April 2021, Ballyhoo media Boats, Miami, Lamar Advertising LA & Las Vegas. Link New York DepArtures Art Exhibitions EMA, East Midlands Airport, 2012 Desperate Artwives Public Takeover was held outside TATE Modern on 6 August 2017 #uniteddespitethedistance. The Pentrich Revolution 2017, The National Gallery of Justice Museum in Nottingham, Aqueduct Cottage project, Cromford, Derbyshire- A collection of wildlife and landscape paintings to publicly highlight the surrounding Wildlife, the heritage of the Aqueduct cottage and its history. Page 3 of 3 Art Publications Art in Lockdown 2020 by Nottingham T.V presenter, curator & artist Marysia Zipser of A.C.T. of Beeston. Artsbeat magazine. Dripping Mini Cooper view here by Saatchiartonline in the curated Pop Art Collection. Artists and Illustrators Magazine 2009 Palette Pages by Curator Lisa Gray of FLUX exhibition and FLUX Magazine Cult House by Curator JA Neto Positive Minds Blog The Happy Idiot Blog Artsbeat Magazine The New Fat Design Agency, Nottingham Saatchieart online in the PopArt Collection Artist & Illustrator 2009 Featured art exhibition at The National Gallery of Justice in Nottingham on BBC East Midlands News

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