Minoan Mosaic Studio - 70d

Location: Derby / Genre: Mosaic, Mosaic Workshops, Education.

Artist Statement

Our studio was founded in July 2019 by artist/art educator Magdalena Aron in Banks Mill, Derby.

With a background in ceramics and a BA(Hons) degree in Visual Communication, Magdalena has had over six years of freelance experience in media design and motion graphics, followed by robust teaching experience in digital and traditional art.

Her work is recognized by both public and private organizations with children/adult learning and art education as the central point of her expertise.

After a successful teaching career with creative projects in the UK as well as abroad, Magdalena decided to use her various skills in developing a mosaic studio with hopes to establish a mosaic school here in the East Midlands, creating a hub for artist and mosaic lovers.

With a team of talented people waiting to board this creative studio, Magdalena is hoping to develop and coordinate some international mosaic projects, with focus on the evolution of art around the globe, combining ancient knowledge with modern means.  "My mosaic studio is not only a physical institution, is a communal idea to bring back decorative art into people's lives and create a Moris/Edward Burne-Jones type cooperative."

Aside from the studio portfolio projects, the studio will be open to the public, with regular Sunday morning workshops for both children and adults. Our aim is to introduce this craft in our community and to educate people about the skills, knowledge, and patience involved into making them. We will introduce mosaic parties for adults and children, craftnoon tea parties, birthday celebrations, team building mosaic projects as well as corporate craft days to raise awareness about this old form of art. 

The studio has a capacity for up to 12 participants. Mosaic materials will be carefully selected based on specific groups/abilities and client requirements. We offer a wide range of materials such as vitreous glass, stained glass, Italian Smalti, ceramic tiles, ceramic tesserae, marble, and stone.

We are now part of the "British Association for Modern Mosaic".  The association for Modern Mosaic (BAMM) was founded in 1999, to promote, encourage and support excellence in contemporary mosaic art and to raise public awareness of modern mosaic art through exhibitions, publications, events and related educational activities.

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