Zaza Lewis - 70b

Location: Derby / Genre: Card-Cutting and Fabric

Artist Statement

Originally from France, I started my career as a graphic designer for publishers worldwide, specialising in cartography. Two years ago, I reconnected with my passion for textiles and threads and started making pictures. Over the years I have experimented with a wide range of media to realise my ideas, but in the end using dark coloured card and cutting my designs was a clear winner. But the real surprise came from using plain coloured fabrics to the card to add contrast, and it really works. Finally I was using the hundreds of fabric remnants stacked up on my shelves, and it gave me the excuse to buy even more!
The result creates an image, which is precise, vibrant and distinctive. From a distance, you might think my pictures are prints. As you get closer you notice the 3D effect made from the cut card and fabric combined. You can appreciate the intricate cuts and the details in the fabric texture. Since October 2019, I have moved into studio 4.10 at Banks Mill, enabling me to work and have a dedicated space on the 4th floor.

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